2020 PPI Awards finalists announced – Winners to be revealed March 10th at Awards Dinner

We are pleased to announce the PPI Awards 2020 finalists. The winners will be announced at the PPI Awards Dinner on March 10th at the Sheraton Lisboa Resort in Lisbon, Portugal, the second evening of the European Conference.

The Awards Dinner provides an exclusive networking opportunity for finalists, sponsors, and participating European Conference attendees.

Columbia Pulp is a finalist for a mill award Environmental Leadership – from Sustainable Forestry to Waste Management.   The winner of this category will be the mill owner or joint submission from mill owner and mill supplier who has proved they have made the most significant improvement to the local environment through a concerned and planned change in their waste treatment and reduction processes.

With the continued decline of landfill as an option for mill waste, mills must have adopted new ways of reducing and reusing waste. Capture and treatment solutions have been at the forefront of mill’s sustainability measures to reduce the impact upon the local environment.

What are the judges looking for?

  • Positive results from the implementation of new sustainability processes designed to reduce waste
  • Examples of waste reduction and treatment processes and procedures that have led to a positive local environmental impact
  • Evidence of successful introduction of new waste reduction measures

Information that will help the judges to decide

  • Evidence of increased waste reduction through new processes, procedures or machinery
  • Case study examples of how the processes, procedures and products have led to a reduction in mill waste
  • Demonstration proof that the new sustainability processes are in line with the wider organization sustainability targets

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