The 449 acre industrial site located at 1351 Highway 261 in Starbuck, Washington will be home to Columbia Pulp I’s main manufacturing operation. Also known as the “Lyons Ferry Site”, Columbia has constructed its main pulping operation on approximately 40 acres formerly known as Bar-Z Ranch. The Company acquired an option to purchase the site in 2015 and closed on the transaction in August of 2017. Construction began immediately and has transformed the location into North America’s first new pulp mill in over 40 years.

Ultimately, the first-of-its-kind, the Starbuck Mill at Lyons Ferry is expected to provide 90 jobs in the communities of Dayton, Starbuck and surrounding areas while eliminating the need to burn 230,000 tons of

straw waste annually. The Lyons Ferry Pulp Plant is planned to produce 400 tons of pulp per day in its 140,000-square-foot facility. Along with producing pulp for use in papermaking, the mill will produce environmentally friendly biopolymers, which can be used on roads for dust control, de-icing and more.

In August 2018, Columbia Pulp I, LLC completed construction on its 18,000-square-foot pilot plant in Pomeroy, Washington. This pilot plant closely replicates Columbia Pulp’s innovative pulp-making process on a smaller scale. The Pilot Plant currently provides Job Training and Product Samples to support the efforts of its large-scale facility in Starbuck, Washington.

“Our Pomeroy pilot plant employs approximately eight full-time employees, and provides all of our operating staff the opportunity to learn the manufacturing process and hone their skills on a smaller scale ahead of the Lyons Ferry Pulp Plant opening,” said Columbia Pulp CEO John Begley. “This pilot plant allows us the opportunity to provide customers with product samples comparable to what they can purchase from the full-scale mill.”

The Company has leased the facility at 141 High Street from the Port of Garfield County who has been incredibly supportive of Columbia’s commitment to bringing jobs and economic growth to the community.

Once construction is completed on the Lyons Ferry mill, the pilot plant will remain open to produce smaller client orders and new product development.

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