Columbia Gold®: American-Made, Tree-Free Pulp

Columbia Pulp produces up to 140,000 tons of wet lap pulp annually from wheat straw. Our pulp is unbleached and meets or exceeds most hardwood fiber specification for production of molded fiber, tissue and towel, and specialty papers and packaging. Our proprietary pulping process is the result of decades of research from agricultural specialists and scientists at the University of Washington. Prior to the opening of our full-scale Lyons Ferry production facility, our Pilot Plant in Pomeroy, Washington conducted months of laboratory testing and customer trials, ensuring our wheat straw-based pulp is a market-ready substitute for virgin hardwood and imported non-wood pulps. Our innovative straw handling and storage facility, and immediate access to mainline rail and interstate highways from our Lyons Ferry plant ensures reliable, year-round product availability nationwide.

Incredible Sustainability Story

Columbia Pulp utilizes agricultural waste that would otherwise be burned or tilled in, eliminating the burning of over 100,000 acres annually.  This supports the farming community by both creating a market and diversifying their product.  Our Columbia Gold® fiber has a carbon footprint approximately half that of conventional pulping technologies, based on a life cycle analysis.  Finally, this is all accomplished while also generating no liquid effluent to a river and no solid waste to landfill.  All of the material that enters the plant leaves as either Columbia Gold® in the form of wet lap, our Bio-Polymer product family, or Solid Fiber products.

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