North America’s First Tree-Free Pulp Mill

Columbia Pulp is North America’s first new pulp mill in over 35 years. Based in Columbia County with facilities in Lyons Ferry and Pomeroy, Washington, Columbia Pulp sits in one of America’s top wheat producing regions, sourcing waste straw from a 75-mile radius to produce market-grade pulp for the production of paper products like food containers, towels and tissues, as well as bio-polymers for a variety of industrial applications.

Using a licensed proprietary pulping process, backed by more than two decades of research and engineering, Columbia Pulp is the first mill in North America to create these products without woodchips, relying solely on locally sourced waste straw that farmers in eastern Washington typically pay millions of dollars per year to burn or eliminate.

Columbia Pulp’s 140,000 square foot Starbuck facility represents a massive leap forward in what has been a stagnant industry for almost four decades. The facility will process 250,000 tons of waste straw every year while using fewer chemicals, less energy and less water than conventional wood pulping. Columbia Pulp’s carbon footprint is 76 percent lower than the footprint of conventional pulps.